Kanye West

What could be better than “Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)”? A big sample from an old James Bond theme, Africa, great old school rap, and no misogyny: pretty much all my favorite sing-able themes (good songs about Virginia Woolf and cheese are far to seek). I am smitten. The cause—educating people to buy conflict-free diamonds—seems a bit beside the point to me, but I own no diamonds and am not in the market. Happily bling-free, I’m surely not the intended market for the message. And, of course, the mistreatment of miners is a topic with a long, sorry history. Given that I first saw and heard the song on BET after the video for “Grind with me” (Lyrics: “C’mon and grind with me baby” x 20 with a video to match), I must say that West raised the tone considerably. It’s in heavy rotation here on the laptop and Wow! I’m late to the party on Kanye West, I know. But I’m staying.