Links: Summer reading, light and smart

Moorish Girl points us to some interesting articles and book recommendations for thinking more about the psychology of the London bombers, something I’ve been thinking about a lot myself. It puts Brick Lane higher on the tbr pile.

The TLS review of the new Harry Potter book is worth checking out for its charming and intelligent defense of the book and exploration of their dark turn. The new Harry is my present to myself come 9/1.

Having devoured a second Eloisa James novel as a palate cleanser to The Golden Notebook, I enjoyed reading Saralynn’s defense of fantasy fiction. Genre fiction is surprisingly terrific and addictive--I'm sure that's what keeps Jenny Davidson so energetic over at Light Reading.

So, while my reading turns light, Bud’s back from vacation having read a favorite: Howards End. He’s got a lovely reflection on that great book.

Dave's daughter is reading Mark Twain, but don't go to WordMunger for that: go for the vertigo-inducing pics of canyon hiking and his interesting commentary about their time out west.