Don Quixote at 400, again

Christopher Lydon’s show was one of the great treats of living in Boston. Now, he has a new NPR talk show, open source radio. I haven’t heard it but it’s very blog-friendly—even blog-driven. He and his producers develop their story ideas through their blog and contact guests and callers that way, too. It’s a really interesting and very democratic way of getting out of the usual run of NPR guests.

So, when Bud Parr forwarded on an email from him asking for possible guests for a show on Don Quixote, I was heartbroken to have to say no. I’ve always wanted to be a guest on a good NPR show—it seems like such a fun rite of passage. Alas, my not having finished the novel seemed an insurmountable bar to me.

The show airs tonight, with lots of streams available. And Bud Parr will be a guest. How exciting! I’ll be listening for sure.