Doris Lessing's Nobel

Congratulations to Doris Lessing.

I slog through her works--she is a writer I admire more than love--but this is great news and a happy, unexpected event.

I would have guessed that she'd remain a contender forever.

I'm surprised at how excited I am.

I remember going to London a few years ago. I was still living in rural Indiana and was just pining for city life. My friend, by contrast, was tiring of London and the publishing circuit. Her emblematic story of how life was just too dull was that she had been to a party the night before and there was Doris Lessing in the corner with her cat...

She captured so perfectly the tone of one for whom that sight was an inevitability of a certain kind of publishing party. And I, playing the part of the country mouse, sat, mouth agape, burning with envy.