Dr. Seuss

Were I younger or even more procrastinatory, I would make this into one of those quizzes that are all the rage on the internets these days.

For now, let’s just keep it to this: my favorite Dr. Seuss was always Green Eggs and Ham, the story of a gourmand and a picky eater, the story of gathering up your courage to try a new thing and finding that thing to be great, the story of the ever cheerful Sam-I-Am, the friend who is just so enthusiastically sure that you may like them…

The older girl loves that book, too.

She has seen the movie of The Cat in the Hat at daycare and likes the idea of it, but she has never sat through the whole book (and she has an amazing attention span).

The little one, by contrast, has been very slow to sit still for books but, oh! The Cat in the Hat, that story that I found so upsetting and unsettling as a girl, the story her sister finds dull, is a delight to her. Oh, Mommy is gone and someone else is making a BIG MESS in our house and it’s really funny. She finds the whole thing riveting and hilarious and, clearly, fully of really good ideas for what to do when my back is turned. She sits through the whole thing, commenting on the pictures and, occasionally, “reading” along.

We are in trouble!

What was your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Do you think it true to character now?