Cause and Effect

The toddler was in the highchair, wailing, when I came to pick her up yesterday after my day at the museum with the big girl. She was in time out.

She ran to me for comfort. I scooped her up, but then asked her why she was in trouble. I got some confused, panicked finger-pointed about how he did this and he did that and then she put me in chair and I cry. The teacher explained: she doesn't listen when the teacher says no. They've been working on this, but she still doesn't listen. So, she had a time out. Mommy approves.

So, later, we are reviewing the lesson:

Mommy's prompt: "So, when Miss Lizbeth says no...."

Baby's answer: "I get time out."

I love that naughty, unreconstructed baby. She cuts right to the chase.