Heavy Stack, Light Blogging

One happy consequence of the fact that I’m writing scholarly stuff again is that I’ve read a bunch of books which I want to tell you about—or compose my thoughts out loud about—and I haven’t had the chance. So I have this stack of books that I carry from my bedroom to the dining room (where I work), from a corner of a hidden shelf, to out in the open without actually composing the posts.

So, as a kind of teaser, here is the stack:
  • Teaching Community by bell hooks (purchased in Louisville at the CCCConvention last weekend)
  • Push by Sapphire (which I loved)
  • Trailer Girl by Therese Svoboda (the title novella of which is utterly stunning, though the stories that follow are less even)
  • A Coffin for Dimitrios by Eric Ambler (a great classic thriller)
  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (which is really weird and disappointing)
  • A Guide to College Writing Assessment (O’Neill et al., another CCCC purchase, but one I’m unlikely to blog about here)
  • Some small press catalogs
  • And my comments on a couple dozen essays nominated for the upcoming edition of the Norton Reader

Maybe some of these will get a post of their own one day. But for now, I’m going back to the stacks—the Woolf stacks, that is. Time’s a-wasting.