The 21 Woolf Conferences

How many have you been to? My 14 are in bold:

1.     Pace U--NYC (Mark Hussey) 1991           
2.     Southern Conn State U--New Haven (Vara Neverow) 1992
3.     Lincoln U--Jefferson City (Jane Lilienfeld) 1993
4.     Bard College--Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (Paul Connolly) 1994
5.     Otterbein College--Westerville, OH (Beth Daugherty) 1995
6.     Clemson U--Clemson, SC (Wayne Chapman and Elisa Sparks) 1996
7.     Plymouth College--Plymouth, NH (Jeanne Dubino) 1997
8.     St. Louis U—St. Louis, MO (Georgia Johnston) 1998
9.     U of Delaware—Newark, DE (Bonnie Kime Scott and Ann Ardis) 1999
10.  U of Maryland-Baltimore—Baltimore MD (Jessica Berman) 2000
11.  Bangor U—Bangor, Wales (Michael Whitworth) 2001
12.  Sonoma State U--Rohnert Park, CA (J.J. Wilson) 2002
13.  Smith College—Northampton, MA (Karen Kukil et alia) 2003
14.  U. of London—London, UK (Gina Potts and Lisa Shahriari) 2004
15.  Lewis and Clark College—Portland, OR (Rishona Zimring) 2005
16.  U of Birmingham—Birmingham, UK (Kathryn Simpson, Steve Ellis et alia) 2006
17.  Miami U, Ohio—Miami, OH (Madelyn Detloff and Diana Royer) 2007
18.  U of Denver—Denver, CO (Eleanor McNees) 2008
19.  Fordham U, Manhattan—NYC (Anne Fernald) 2009
20.  Georgetown College—Georgetown, KY (Kristin Czarnecki) 2010
21.  And U of Glasgow—Glasgow, Scotland (Jane Goldman) 2011

Thanks to Vara Neverow for posting the list on the Woolf listserv.

I've missed some of the best ones, I'm told, but what I've seen has been pretty awesome, pretty sustaining. I'm sad to have missed Glasgow this year, but I'm looking forward to Saskatoon in 2012!