Eek, again: rats & dogs

I'm writing a piece on To the Lighthouse & Woolf's diaries & wanted to find a quotation describing Woolf's mother when she was alive, something that gets beyond the majesty of Julia/Mrs. Ramsay to something individual and strange. I think this does the trick. Written when Woolf was ten (and not, of course, Woolf): 

“Mrs. Leslie Stephen though she is an ardent lover of rats is somewhat ‘riled’ by the way in which her favourites eat her provisions and therefore she has determined to get a dog. ‘Not for pleasure but for business’ as she told her offsprings….Mrs. Stephen has requested that it shall not be a dog like some others of her acquaintance ‘frinstance’ (to use Master Adrian Stephen’s favourite phrase) Pepper” (HPGN 79; 4 July 1892)