Rupert and Birkin?

Rupert Berkin is such an interesting character and one of the reasons is that other characters call him Rupert but when he speaks, it's always "said Berkin." I believe it is due to Berkin's uncertainty about himself; he isn't familiar with himself. Take for example, a professor; I would never call a professor by their first name because I do not have a sense of familiarity with that professor. It is only right to formally address that professor as Dr. Ryan or Professor Fernald, not Terre or Anne. Perhaps to Berkin, his uncertainty leads to a unfamiliarity and that unfamiliarity requires a formal address when speaking. Gerald (206, Man to Man) and Hermoine (296, Woman to Woman) both have stated that Berkin has an element of uncertainty about him and that he is never constant. I'd also like to note the names of chapters that held the opinions about Berkin. It is possible that Lawrence wanted us to know that Berkin's uncertainty may have some conflict with his sexuality? I had no intentions to add this when I was writing this post but it just came to mind when I realized the titles of the chapters.